Why Lachian?

We chose the name Lachian (as in “Appalachian”) to pay homage to the region that we live, work, and play in. We see the area as a place with limitless potential and endless natural beauty. From mountaintop views, to waterfalls, to the people and culture that make it such a great place to be, we are constantly inspired by the region. Our home base is in the heart of Appalachia and we don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. (On top of all that, “Lachian” sounds pretty cool... and it’s hard to name things).

The Best Threads

We hand select the comfiest products we can find to ensure that you’ll never have to think twice about your clothes while you’re out there doing what you do. Whether you're chilling in a coffee shop with your laptop or hiking in the Smoky Mountains with your friends, our clothes are made to go with you.

We conceptualize, design, and print all our shirts in-house to ensure that we can keep an eye on the quality every step of the way. Normally, customers have to pay big bucks because of the long production process, but doing all our own stuff allows us to cut back on those expenses and pass those savings onto you.