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How to Pronounce Appalachia

How to Prononce "App-Uh-Latch-Uh"

Depending on who you’re talking to, you might hear a few different ways to pronounce Appalachia. Depending on the part of Appalachia, there are variations in how people say the region’s name. To set the record straight, we would like to help share the right way to say it with everyone. Jermey Farley, founder of Appalachian Magazine said it best stating, “It’s [pronounced] App-Uh-Latch-Uh or I'll throw an Apple-at-cha.” Google backs us up with the proper pronunciation - and ya know if you can’t trust Google, who can you trust?


Why App-Uh-Latch-Uh 

Lachian’s name is taken from the tail end of our region’s name, so we like to make sure that everyone pronounces App-Uh-Latch-Uh correctly. The idea of a shirt that tells people how to pronounce Appalachia isn’t a new concept. However, with so many people, typically in the northern tip of Appalachia or outside of the region, still saying it wrong, we thought we’d help the cause!

The design utilizes a geometric style with a pointed depiction of the Appalachian mountains. Additionally, there’s a forest what looks like 8-bit pine trees with a flowing river beneath. We like the design because not only is the message of the shirt evident with “APP-UH-LATCH-UH” boldly printed across the center, but the geometric design is in stark contrast to the the rugged textured woods of Appalachia. 

  • Feb 18, 2021
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